This is the mood of the people of Purvanchal and Awadh UP, there is such a difference in the vote share of BJP-SP

ABP News C-Voter Survey: After the announcement of the dates of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, political parties have geared up. Major political parties including BJP and Samajwadi Party have stepped up their campaign. However, due to the ban on physical campaigning, parties are connecting with people virtually. Meanwhile, ABP News has tried to know the mood of the people of Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal, Awadh and Western Uttar Pradesh. In the survey, an attempt has been made to know from the people which party is going to be sent to power by the people in these two areas and which can be rejected.

Looking at the data of the survey conducted between January 7 and 13, it is clear that this time in UP, Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party and Yogi Adityanath There is a direct fight in BJP. BJP is visible ahead of SP in terms of vote share in Purvanchal and Awadh Uttar Pradesh. However, the election results will actually decide the government.

Who has how many vote share in Purvanchal region?
Total Seat-130

BJP+ 41
Samajwadi Party+ – 35
BSP 12
Congress 7
other 05

31 December

BJP+ 41
Samajwadi Party+ – 36
BSP 12
Congress 7
other 04

Whose vote share in Awadh region
118 seats

today’s region
BJP+ 44 percent
Samajwadi Party+ 31%
BSP 9 percent
Congress 8 percent
another 8 percent


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