Mumbai’s Dharavi model once again defeated Corona, such cases went down

Mumbai Dharavi model: Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, was also hit by the third wave amid rising corona cases in Mumbai. About 150 corona cases used to be registered here daily, but within a week the increasing cases have been controlled using the Dharavi model. Know how all this happened…

Dharavi falls in the area of ​​G North ward and from the beginning of Corona, the officers of G North ward worked together to bring Corona under control. Assistant Municipal Commissioner Kiran Dighavkar told ABP News that on January 7, 150 cases were registered which was a record breaking figure.

Emphasis on testing and tracing in Dharavi model
In Dharavi, 80% of the people use community toilets, so it is very difficult to trace the infection. We have focused more on testing, tracing and treating in the Dharavi model. Mobile vans are deployed which go door-to-door to check on people. There are 9 clinics where people can meet doctors and get themselves treated. We have given more emphasis on vaccination. Initially the cases were increasing, but from this week the cases have started decreasing again.

Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai Municipal Corporation Kiran Dighavkar said that on December 27, there were 29 active cases, today there have been 686 active cases. Hope the cases will reduce further.

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The third wave gave a knock in Dharavi, the cases went down like this –

  • 7 Jan Positive Patients – 150, Active Cases – 588
  • 9 Jan Positive Patients – 123, Active Cases – 849
  • 10 Jan Positive Patients – 97, Active Cases – 943
  • January 11 Positive Patients – 51, Active Cases – 756
  • January 12 positive patients – 69, active cases – 756
  • 13 Jan Positive Patients – 49, Active Cases – 686
  • 14 Jan Positive Patients – 32, Active Cases – 568

Vaccination speed too fast
Efforts are being made to beat Corona by increasing the speed of vaccination in the Dharavi model. The vaccination center of Lokmanya Tilak Medical College is located in Dharavi and so far more than 1 lakh people have been vaccinated. Dr Jaya of Lokmanya Tilak Medical College told ABP News that if the center is close to the people, then people will take the vaccine soon. In increasing cases, vaccination has protected people.

The number of test takers decreased
Not only this, clinics have been prepared in Dharavi for the convenience of the citizens. Where all the facilities have been kept for the citizens. Dr. Talat Hussain of Kumbharwada Dharavi dispensary told that last week many people used to come for the test in a day, but since Monday this testing has reduced significantly.

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