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Taking inspiration from the TikTok and Instagram Reels, dating app Bumble has launched audio prompts and videos that people can add on their profiles. Bumble’s new feature, Audio Prompts will let users add a voice recording of up to 30 seconds, sharing more of their personalities on their profiles.

Also, users in India can now upload a short video of up to 30 seconds to their Bumble profile as their main photo, with an option to mute.

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How to add audio prompts to your Bumble profile:

●To add audio prompts, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and select ‘Profile Prompts’.
●Select one of the audio prompts to add your response.
●To start recording, hold down the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.
●Once you’ve finished, you can hear your recording and choose to save or re-record.
●Click ‘Save’ to add your audio prompt to your profile.

How to add videos on your Bumble profile:

●To upload a video, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and upload video as a new option in photo uploader.
●From the uploader, you can adjust and select any segment of a video up to 30 seconds.
●After you select a video, you can select a frame from the video as the cover that you would like to appear on your profile.
●Video can appear as the main profile photo or secondary photo with an option to mute or unmute.

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“You can better showcase your personality now by recording an audio response to prompts or by uploading a video to your Bumble profile. Whether these features are used to show how to properly pronounce our names, share a great story, highlight what we care about, or just get a laugh, we believe they will lead to more genuine matches and better dates,” said Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble.

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