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DHARAMSHALA: Permanent poles to hoist the Indian Tricolour should be installed outside all tourist destinations as well as starred hotels and they should also display prominently the branding of the Azadi Ka Amrit MahotsavUnion minister G Kishen Reddy said at the conclusion of the three-day national conference of state tourism ministers in Dharamshala on Tuesday.
“There is no better branding for tourism in India that by hoisting the Indian flag outside tourist destinations and hotels. The Archeological Survey of India has also been asked to do this,” Reddy said.
The ministers’ conference also adopted the Dharamshala Declaration 2022, committing itself to developing sustainable and responsible tourism in India and emphasizing the country’s role in contributing to the global recovery of tourism in the post Covid-19 period, was adopted in Dharamshala on Tuesday.
Shepherding the three-day conference, Reddy said states and Centre must deploy an integrated approach to promote tourism and make India a global leader. While the tourism declaration said it will strive to recover to pre-pandemic level by mid-2024, the ministry set its eyes on achieving a short-term target of USD 150 billion as GDP contribution from tourism, USD 30 billion in Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) and 1.5 crore foreign tourist arrivals by 2024.
In the medium term – by 2030—the ministry said India will target achieving 14 crore jobs through tourism, 2.5 crore foreign tourist arrivals and USD 56 billion in FEE.
The ministry also claimed it aims to achieve the target of becoming a global leader in tourism by 2047.
Reddy also appealed to states and stakeholders to hold conferences and ramp up youth engagement to promote tourism in the country, adding that the tourism industry must look at deeper engagement with private partners since they have a greater potential to rake in revenues that government.
“The next time we meet, every state should present a detailed plan on what investments they need and in which sector. Start ups should also be roped in. Tourism departments, whether they are at the Centre or state, are always cash strapped. As a result, we will look at engaging private partners who can bring in income for the tourism sector and, in turn, India,” Reddy said.
Union tourism secretary Arvind Singh said also said all major tourism indices have started showing signs of recovery towards the pre-pandemic levels and the National Tourism Policy has been drafted with a holistic vision and strategy to revive India’s Tourism and targets to achieve USD 1 Trillion by the sector in 2047.

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