Video Shows Criminal Enacting Surrender At Police Station In UP


The criminal entered the police station with his hands raised.

A video gaining traction on social media shows cops in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha asking a local criminal to enact the process of surrender at a police station. The criminal, identified as Kamal Gupta, was recently arrested by the police on charges of extortion. He was found taking money from cab drivers. Uttar Pradesh Police said their crackdown on crime has been extremely successful due to which criminals like Kamal Gupta think twice before committing another act.

The video shows Gupta walking towards the Circle Officer’s (CO) cabin with his hand raised and accepting his mistake. The police officer asks him about the crime and Gupta describes why he has been arrested.

He is also heard apologising and promising not to repeat his act. The CO then handed Gupta over to the cops who took him in custody for legal formalities.

A few years ago, a photo of one of the local criminals had gone viral, which showed him surrendering with the placard “don’t shoot me” hanging around his neck.

The man had said that he wanted to stay in jail.

A similar incident took place in Sambhal in 2020, when a criminal arrived at a police station with a confession placard saying “don’t shoot me”. He was charged under the Gangsters Act.

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