Hospital became exam hall, infected students are giving examination, duty of positive patients here

Covid Positive Students Will Give Exam: The world’s most unique exam, where both the examinee and the examiner are corona infected. Many MBBS medical interns (MBBS second and third year students) have been infected due to COVID duty. He is admitted in the hospital and his examination is going on here. If they do not give the exam, then there may be a problem in getting the next duty of Kovid. So these medical students have decided to take the exam. The administration has made arrangements for them. Their examiners are also the same, who are infected.

Government Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College is fully Kovid Hospital. There is also the largest lab of western Uttar Pradesh for Kovid testing here. There is an influx of more infected people getting the Kovid test done here. On the other hand, despite being admitted to the hospital inside the Kovid ward, the medical intern is studying by opening the book. In the isolation ward where many Kovid infected are discouraged, the fear of disease cannot go away from them, doctors are preparing to treat the Kovid infected by giving their exams despite being infected.

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MBBS second and third year students are medical interns. Their examinations are going on, if they do not give the exam then they will not get duty in the hospital. That’s why they are studying to pass the exam. According to Dr Rakesh Gupta, director of the Government Institute of Medical Sciences, the children said that they would give the exam. His courage is really worth appreciating. We have provided the facility.

Dr Rakesh Gupta has said that we have imposed the duty of the same examiners who are infected and are admitted here. Perhaps this will be the first such exam in the world, where Kovid gives the infected test and only Kovid infected takes his test. You must know the story behind this. This is happening so that when the third wave of Kovid is at full peak and the number of patients is high, then because of just one exam, these people are not safe from taking care of the patients and fighting this war. That is, the country should not struggle with the shortage of doctors.

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