HC expresses displeasure over CBI’s theory in Dhanbad judge case, High Court will see narco report of accused

Judge Murdere Case, Jharkhand High Court (Jharkhand High Court) has Dhanbad Of Judge Excellent happiness Of Doubtful circumstances In Hui Death Of case In CBI (CBI) Of theory Feather resentment expressed Is. High Court Chief Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan and Justice S., n, Prasad’s division bench, while hearing the matter, said today that the fact of killing with the intention of mobile phone snatching is not acceptable.

The court said that nowhere does it appear from the CCTV footage attached to it that the auto driver along with his associate killed the judge with the aim of snatching the mobile phone only., If so why didn’t they rob the phone, On this, the investigating officer of the CBI said that the bikes were coming from both the sides while pushing the judge from the auto, so the auto driver did not rob the phone for fear of being caught.

The bench directed the CBI to conduct narcotics charges against the auto driver and his associate in the case., Submit both the reports of brain mapping test in a sealed cover. next hearing of the case now 21 To be held in January.

what is the matter

Dhanbad Additional District Judge Uttam Anand murdered last year 28 July was hit by an auto at that time, When he was doing morning walk on the side of the road. The Jharkhand High Court has made strong remarks in the past as well when the CBI has not reached any conclusion in this matter. The court had said that it seems that the matter will remain unresolved. The court was told by the CBI that where the incident took place, connected to the mobile tower network there 200 More people have been questioned, But till now no specific information has been received. Brain mapping and narco test have been done twice for both the accused.

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