Corona weekend curfew begins in Delhi, non-essential activities will be banned for the next 55 hours

Delhi Coronavirus: kovid in delhi-19 to prevent the spread of weekend curfew ,Weekend Curfew, It has come into effect from Friday night. all non in the capital,next on urgent activities 55 Banned for hours. Delhi Disaster Management Authority ,DDMA, on Friday night under its order of January 1. 10 am to monday morning 5 Till … o’clock weekend Curfew has been imposed.

Delhi Metro (Delhi Metro) An official spokesperson of the DDMA said that in compliance with the guidelines of DDMA issued last week, the weekend (15-16 January, Metro train services will remain regular. Metro services and public transport buses will run with full seat capacity during the curfew but standing travel will not be allowed.

E issued last week for essential services,Passes will be valid during curfew. Grocery during the weekend curfew, vegetables and fruits, medicines, Markets will remain closed except for the business of other essential goods and services including milk.

of Kovid in Delhi 24,383 new cases came, 34 death of

of Kovid in Delhi on Friday 24,383 While new cases were reported 34 patients died, While the infection rate increased 30.64 Percentage recorded. The number of new cases, however, is less than on Thursday, But the infection rate has increased.

of Kovid in Delhi on Thursday 28,867 cases were reported, Which is the highest increase in a day since the start of the pandemic. There itself, 31 patients had died while the infection rate 29.21 was the percentage. Earlier in Delhi, the highest increase was recorded in a single day., when last year 20 on april 28,395 Cases came to the fore. according to the figures, Friday’s infection rate is the highest since May 1., when this 31.61 The percentage was

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