2 aircraft coming from Dubai to India came on the same runway, the lives of hundreds of passengers narrowly saved

Dubai News: A major accident was averted at Dubai International Airport (DIA). Two aircraft coming from Dubai to India came on the same runway, after which Air Traffic Control (ATC) hastily instructed one plane to be removed from the runway, saving the lives of hundreds of passengers. Taking this matter seriously, Emirates Airlines has ordered an inquiry into the incident. The airlines have also decided to conduct an internal inquiry against the crew members.

What is the whole matter?

Flight EK-524 was to take off from Dubai to Hyderabad at 9:45 pm. Apart from this, flight EK-568 was to fly from Dubai to Bangalore. There was a difference of 5 minutes in the takeoff time of both the flights. But when the Dubai-Hyderabad flight was ready for takeoff, the crew noticed that another plane was speeding up in the same direction. After this, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) was immediately informed. ATC showed promptness and directed the flight to be diverted from the runway to the taxiway. The driver did this work immediately and the accident was avoided.

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Emirates Airlines has acknowledged this security lapse during a conversation with news agency ‘ANI’. According to the airlines, after this incident, the flight going from Dubai to Bangalore took off first and after that the flight going to Hyderabad took off. As soon as this matter came to the fore, the Airlines Authority, showing seriousness, has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Apart from this, orders for internal inquiry have also been given against the crew members of the flight.

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According to preliminary reports, the Hyderabad-bound flight EK-524 was taking off without the approval of the Air Traffic Control, due to which the incident took place. A detailed report is yet to come in this matter. On the other hand, the airline’s spokesperson said, “Safety is always our top priority and we are conducting an internal review of this incident. It is also being investigated by UAE AAIS.”


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